I’m Sandrine Ferwerda Coosemans, and I’m passionate about helping fellow online entrepreneurs grow a business that fits and supports their lifestyle.

I started my adventure in self-employment in 2011, as a personal & virtual assistant; in 2014, my online business allowed my husband and me to move from Amsterdam to our own off-grid olive & almond farm in Spain. We live completely off the grid (with water from a borehole & solar panels), keep alpacas & chickens, make our own olive oil and try to grow our own food as much as possible. You can follow some of our adventures on my hobby-blog, Simple Living in Spain - and my Facebook page, Sunny Simple Living.

After we moved to Spain, I started offering social media management to other online business owners - and in 2017, I decided to focus on Facebook strategy & management mainly. I took Moolah’s Page Strategies course to learn all about growing an audience using Facebook - and took the TRIBE course to learn how to create, market and launch courses and memberships like a pro. With this background, I’ve been able to help dozens of clients in small and big ways.

I’m passionate about helping other online entrepreneurs grow their business, monetise their talents and market their (digital) products so they can live their dream lifestyle - with an online business that fits and supports that.

I mainly work with coaches & consultants, online teachers & course creators, and of course virtual service providers.

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