What if you could leave the rat race and the hectic lifestyle that we humans have grown to find “normal”… and live your dream life, with an online business to support that?

That’s what I did. I started my own business (as a VA) from our apartment in Amsterdam in 2011 - and in 2014, that same business allowed us to make a BIG leap and build our own off-grid olive & almond farm in Aragon, Spain.

Now, my mission in life is to help other online entrepreneurs grow their business, monetise their talents and market their (digital) products so they can live their dream lifestyle.

My role is to navigate you through the rapids and waterfalls - and lead you and your business into a flow where you can make money doing what you love (and have fun doing it).

In my years providing business supports to a wide range of entrepreneurs, I’ve built my experience creating countless marketing strategies (most of them focusing on Facebook) and I helped over a dozen people create, market and launch an online course and / or membership.

Having taken (+ completed + implemented) courses like Moolah’s Page Strategies, Grow Your Audience and Tribe, I’m uniquely placed to help others take action and make things happen.

However, my “zone of genius” encompasses all that: I’m good at helping people turn their passions into a business that fits & supports their dream lifestyle. Whether that means starting from scratch, or finding out why things aren’t working - and how to “fix” it.

I work with other entrepreneurs on a mission - whether’s you’re wanting to teach and educate, grow a community of people who love what you do, or help one person at the time.

I take my work breaks in the veggie garden, or with our alpacas and chickens; I take time off in September to harvest our almonds, and in December to manage olive harvest & pressing olive oil. You can follow our adventures on Simple Living in Spain - or on Facebook: Sunny Simple Living.

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