We online business owners often get stuck in “information overload” - so many options, so many different things we could (should?) apply to move our business forward.

My zone of genius? Finding the small tweaks that will have the biggest impact on your business (and your life!) in the long run. Because sometimes all you need is an extra pair of eyes (or brains) to see what was there all along.

Schedule a free call with me, and I promise you’ll leave with a few insights you can implement right away in your business… that could make a big difference.

Choose the package that best fits your needs:

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SINGLE Strategy Session

• 90 minute Zoom video call to work on a specific issue or project

• You fill out a questionnaire so I can do the prep work

• I follow up by sending you my recommendations, useful links,… - anything that can help you move forward

• Ready to book? Click here - or schedule a free discovery call first.

This package is ideal if you’re stuck on a specific issue, want to set up a new service or product - or you’d just like to pick my brains on anything.

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Strategy Setup Package

• 90 minute strategy call to ask questions & get clarity on your business goals

• Full assessment of all your marketing assets & business structure

• 45 minute strategy call to analyse possibilities and talk about options

• Full written strategy, based on my assessment + your feedback

• Complementary Q&A session to discuss implementation

This package will give you the boost you need to kickstart a new project, pivot your business or get a new marketing strategy out. I’ll help you with the blueprint - you do the work.

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Strategy Blueprint Package

• 4 months of strategy & support - personalised plan

• Includes biweekly strategy sessions + video recordings + progress tracking + chat support

• Optional: add done-for-you support (social media management, content creation, launch support,…)

This package be just about working on your business strategy, or it can include done-for-you services. From audience research over social media management to SEO, content strategy or digital product creation: my team and I are here to help.

To learn more about any of these (or other available options), please schedule a free discovery call using this link.
It will give us the chance to find out if we’re a good match - and to discuss how to proceed from there.