An online business can be fun AND successful.

However, online business owners often get stuck in “information overload” - so many options, so many different things we could (should?) apply to move our business forward.

My zone of genius? Finding small tweaks to make to your business setup, marketing strategy, branding, monetising or working routine - that will have the biggest impact on your business.

Schedule a free call with me, and I promise you’ll leave with a few insights you can implement right away in your business… that could make a big difference.

These are my standard business strategy packages:

(Need something different? Schedule a call & we’ll talk about it!)


Business Brainstorm

From creating a course or membership over setting up packages for your services; this package is ideal if you’re starting a new business or side venture, and want me by your side to help you see first results quick.

Business blueprint with Sandrine

Grow your business

During weekly or biweekly coaching sessions, we’ll look at all aspects of your business, and you’ll get tasks to complete in between sessions (if that’s what you want). This package is what you need if you’re looking to optimise or scale your business.