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Our strategies are aimed at growing an engaged following of raving fans who love what you do on Facebook (step 1). Finding exactly who your audience is and how to get them to interact with your page or in your group, makes it easier to convert into sales, signups and more (step 2).  

We offer management for Facebook business pages and groups. From a "light" version that includes regular scheduling of content you provide - to 100% full service where we take over your Facebook strategy... so you can make time for other ventures. 

Facebook management rates range from €179,- for a very basic package - to €679,- for a full page or group management package. We have add-ons for Facebook ads and Messenger bots, but don’t offer these as stand-alone services.

If you want to keep control over your Facebook strategy yourself (or maybe you already work with a social media manager?) but could just use the expertise of an outsider or a regular brush-up of your Facebook knowledge, we offer different coaching packages.

Rates for Strategy Sessions range from €59,- per session (for existing Facebook Management clients or if you book a series of them) to €119,- for a one-off session.

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