Sandco Business Brainstorm Sessions

Not sure what direction to take with your business, or need an extra brain to spar with when setting up a membership or  course? During these 1:1 Business Brainstorm sessions, I'm all yours!  

Sandco Facebook Mastermind Sessions

In small groups of 3-5 people, we take a good look at your Facebook strategies, share ideas and solutions, and more. It's similar to a strategy session - except you get to learn from other people's strategies too!

Sandco Facebook Strategy Sessions

In this 1:1 coaching session, we talk about  how you can use Facebook to your advantage. Pages, groups, ads, bots; we cover anything you'd like us to. And you get to ask all your questions!

Not sure which of these would be best for your situation? Set up a free call with Sandrine - there's no time like the present.  
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