Beta test the "Course Creation Masterplan"

I’ve collected all my experience creating, marketing & launching courses… into a course of its own.

Right now it’s being sold at a lower price BUT - in exchange for that discount, I’d like your feedback!

So you get

  • Access to the FULL course (all lessons)

  • Access to the landing page creation guidelines

  • Access to the Ultimate Launch Checklist (really, this is a pretty extensive list that won’t let you miss a thing!)

  • Access to marketing plans & content plans

  • Access to the PDF version of the slides

  • Access to the Facebook group with live support

  • Answers to all of your questions - sometimes even answered with a video

Basically, you get access to ALL of it - for about half the price of what the finished product is going to be

The main difference with the finished product:

  • We’re still working on the workbook (you’ll get it as soon as it’s done!)

  • We’re re-recording the video for better quality

  • The templates for emails, social media posts etc

The best thing? If you purchased the beta version, you will get access to the “real” version at no extra cost.