These are a few of the resources I use on an ongoing basis.

Some of these (not all) are affiliate links; this means that if you purchase after using my link, I get a small commission - and in some cases, you get a discount too.

I only refer to products and services I know and love; if you want more information about any of them, do get in touch.

Downloadable resources

  • Facebook “banned words” list by Rachel Miller

  • Make Money Blogging (At Any Level) - ebook by Victoria at A Modern Homestead. This ebook was key in teaching me the exact steps to take to get recurring (mostly passive) income from my blogs… and help clients achieve the same. It’s simple & detailed - and it has clear instructions on how to implement it on any type of blog (from tiny to huge).

Websites: domain names & hosting

  • I’ve been using them for domain names, hosting and email addresses since around 2002. Their standard plan includes an unlimited number of email aliases + 1-click-WordPress integration.

  • WordPress - Divi theme (Elegant Themes)

  • Siteground hosting - this is where our WordPress websites are hosted.

  • SquareSpace - this is where I build all of my own websites. It’s simple and the basics don’t require much learning, it’s got great built-in SEO, and it does 95% of the things WordPress does as well - without the need to download extra plugins.

Email marketing

  • MailerLite: my all time favourite email marketing tool. Free until 1000 subscribers, easy to set up and it’s got everything you need when you’re just starting out. The only thing lacking: direct integration with certain other tools… so please check if you need those.

  • ActiveCampaign: the email marketing tool we use for my membership, the Farmish Collective. It really has (almost) everything you’d ever need from an email service provider - and it integrates with almost everything.

Miscellaneous tools and platforms

  • Tailwind: the scheduling tool I use for Pinterest, but it’s also great for Instagram. They have a free trial - but if you ever switch to the paid version, you get 1 month free if you used my referral link

  • Acuity: scheduling tool. I tell Acuity when I’m available (for which type of appointment), I give people the link (they usually get it through my Dubsado workflow), and Acuity does the rest. It lets people choose between all options, has them fill out a form & even pay (if I’d want that), send them a confirmation email & blocks off the time in my calendar. It’s a life saver.

  • Dubsado: CRM. Once leads filled out a form (or I added them manually), I can have them go through a workflow - scheduling an appointment, filling out forms, signing contracts, paying invoices, creating to-dos,… - all in one platform.

  • Teachable: this is where my first courses were hosted + where we first hosted the Farmish Collective.

  • SendOwl: a great place to sell digital products.

  • InfoLinks: advertising tool, great for starting bloggers

  • AppSumo: THE place to get great deals on apps & programs

Courses & Memberships