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Do you want to GROW your audience? 

Attract the RIGHT kind of customer, the IDEAL client, EXPLODE your pageviews? 

You need Moolah in your life! 

My friend & mentor Rachel Miller is the person behind Moolah Marketer, the Page Strategies course & Makers membership.

Right now, she’s hosting the Fan building workshop. Sign up to watch all 6 videos here (it’s free)!

If you are considering joining Rachel’s Page Strategies course with Rachel Miller, I want to make your experience even better with this bonus (see below). It’s only available to you if you use my link to purchase.  

Bonus for Moolah Massive Page Strategies - by Sandco

Extra live support: 5 + 1 coaching calls

Let's make sure you get the most from this course! 

In these coaching calls, we tackle all the hard questions. How to adapt the strategies to your own pages? How to best monetise what you have? How to work out your content planning, your overall strategy, your sales funnels? We can also look beyond Facebook and dive into your business strategies.

I'm a Moolah strategist & coach and a member of Rachel's amazing Makers membership, so I'm right at the source. \

  • The 5 first sessions take place in weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 of the course. We do them in small groups, so you don’t only get to ask your own questions - you also benefit from the insights of others.
    Value: € 500,- or about 570 US$.

  • You also get one 1:1 session with me. During the course, or up to 3 months after it ended; we can use this session to tackle any questions you might have about implementing the strategies in your business.
    Value: € 220,- or about 250 US$.

  • As a Moolah coach, I will be in the Moolah private buyer's group to answers all student questions - but if at any time there's something you don't want to ask in the group, you get direct access to me.
    Value: invaluable, right? :-)


The fine print...

All of the above bonuses are valid if you sign up for the course in January 2019. I’ll get in touch with you about booking your private coaching session in the second half of February. The 1:1 session needs to be booked before July 15th, 2019. If that doesn't fit your needs, get in touch!