Want to learn how to GROW YOUR AUDIENCE?

Don’t miss Moolah Marketer’s (free) “Audience Building” workshop. It’s a series of short videos that can lead to BIG insights!

You’ll also get the workbook to go with it.

This workshop is only available about 3 times a year - and now (June 2019) is your chance to get in. Do it now, as it closes at the end of the month!

If you want to take it all the way, Moolah’s brand new “Grow Your Audience” Course may be what you need.

As a former coach for the course, I’ve seen hundreds of students explode their businesses in very different ways.

In my experience, you’ll get even better results with a bit of extra support - someone to answer all your questions directly, brainstorm with you and help you translate the Moolah techniques to your own business and social media platforms.

That is why I offer three (3!) bonuses if you sign up for the course with my referral link:

Sandrine Moolah bonus group coaching.jpg

Group Q&A Calls

Three group calls (with other students) to answer questions about the course and its content: one at the start + one in the middle + one towards the end.

Sandrine Moolah bonus strategy sessions.jpg

One-on-one strategy sessions

Let’s use what you’re learning in the course and make it work for YOUR business. I’ll help you create a strategy + turn it into a step-by-step action plan.

Sandrine Moolah bonus course creation masterplan.jpg

Create, Market and Launch a course

Take what you know and turn it into a profitable online course. Follow the programme at your own pace, or join the next live round (Sept-Oct 2019).

The “Grow Your Audience” course is an investment in your business. Many students get their money’s worth out in no time by applying what they’re learning right away, but maybe you’re wondering if that could happen to you?

Schedule a call with me if you’d like to know if this course is right for you right now - or if you’d like to get to know me before embarking on a journey with me on your side.

I promise I’ll tell you if it’s NOT the right fit - after all, last thing I’d want is for you to lose your precious time on something you don’t need. (Your money wouldn’t be the issue, as you get a refund if you realise it’s not for you after all).

And if it’s not the right fit, I’ll also help you find out what to do instead - maybe you’ll want a step-by-step plan to optimise your business so it’s all ready for the course next time around? Or maybe you’d like someone who has taken the course to apply the strategies for your business? Or maybe it’s something else?

Schedule a call with me
to find out if the “Grow Your Audience” course is the right fit for you!