Facebook Audit + Strategy Plan

Facebook Audit with Sandrine.jpg
Facebook Audit with Sandrine.jpg

Facebook Audit + Strategy Plan

  1. I do a full review of your Facebook assets + a quick review of your other platforms

  2. First meeting to talk about my findings and discuss your needs and priorities

  3. I write up a full strategy plan to make Facebook work for you (and not the other way around)

  4. Second meeting to discuss the strategy plan and how to implement it

  5. 2-4 weeks later, third meeting to discuss implementation and potential tweaks to the original plan

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This package includes

  • 3 video calls on Zoom + access to the recordings (up to 3 months after strategy plan was delivered)

  • Written strategy + step by step action plan to make it easy for you to implement

  • Chat support - up to 4 weeks after strategy plan was delivered