Facebook Brainstorm & Strategy Package

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Facebook Brainstorm & Strategy Package


A 5-step package going from a full Facebook audit - to a finished step-by-step action plan (and including follow-up).

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How does it work? 

After you've purchased a strategy package of your choosing, you'll get a link to schedule our first video call. 
If you need to reschedule (more than 24 hours in advance), you can do that using the confirmation email you got when you set up the call. 
Please get in touch if you've got any questions about this. 

Why video calls? 

Our strategy sessions are always video calls, as that enables us to share our screens and show each other how things work (or don't work). We usually meet on Zoom, which is free to use. If you prefer not to use Zoom, we're happy to move to another platform. 

And after this? 

After this, you can implement the strategies and techniques we talked about to grow your business on Facebook. No time to do it yourself? We're happy to take the load off your shoulders. Do check out our management packages! 

If you are interested in working with us to manage your Facebook, we recommend you purchase the 45 minutes strategy option. Monthly 30 minute sessions are a part of each of our packages. If you hire us to manage your Facebook presence for a duration of 3 months or longer, the 45 minute session is free (you get a discount off the invoice in the third month).